Our Unique Approach: We partner with your organization

Genesee Valley Trust Company offers customized trust and investment solutions for not-for-profit organizations with more than $500,000 of investable assets. Founded in 1994, we have worked with many of our area’s most prominent and successful not-for-profit organizations throughout Rochester and the surrounding communities. With a relatively low account minimum, we can fully diversify your endowment or foundation assets through our access to high quality, institutional investment managers—minimizing expenses and maximizing your options.

Endowment & Foundation Management: We help you carry out your mission

As advisors, we work closely with your Investment Committee to develop an effective investment strategy that incorporates your organization’s unique circumstances and mission. Mindful of your needs for cash flow and growth, GVT creates an optimized asset allocation that’s consistent with your Investment Policy Statement. We continually revisit your strategy to make sure your needs are being met and assure that your investments remain diversified and properly allocated.

Additionally, GVT closely monitors the ever changing regulatory needs of not-for-profit organizations and implements innovative solutions to meet those requirements, including our sub-accounting investment model that is specifically designed with the New York Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act ("NYPMIFA") in mind.

Sub-Accounting Investment Model:
To accommodate the needs of those who are required to meet NYPMIFA’s standards, GVT has created a unique,
automated solution that can segregate your funds into individual sub-accounts, and provide detailed reports that
track investment performance and transactions for each sub-account.

sub accounting  

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