At Genesee Valley Trust, we understand that each client is unique. We offer innovative investment management strategies to meet your complex needs. We help families grow, preserve, and transfer wealth to ensure the next generation is financially strong. We help business owners protect the financial strength and viability of their businesses. We partner with community groups to effectively manage endowments, and partner with individual donors and family foundations to help ensure their legacies and good works live on.

GVT understands that your business needs to attract and retain talent, and our retirement solutions can help by empowering your employees to achieve their long-term financial goals for retirement. Our 401(k) and 403(b) plans can be designed to meet the unique needs of your workplace and provides personal education and advice to your Plan Sponsor and employees.

At Genesee Valley Trust, helping to grow and preserve your wealth isn’t the only goal we can help you achieve. We’ll also be ready when you’ve determined how to distribute your life-long savings. We understand that the goals of your trust and estate plan are unique, and often require you to make some difficult decisions. Our advisors will partner with you, facilitate your plan efficiently, and help make your decisions a little easier. Above all, we’ll responsibly distribute your wealth as you desire, free from conflict, leaving a legacy that lasts multiple generations.