Reddington Scholarship: Now Accepting Applications!

For Diocese of Rochester Schools:

The Reverend John A. Reddington Scholarship Fund was established under the Will of Reverend John A. Reddington to provide for Catholic education at any level and for college education (non-denominational) for residents of the Diocese of Rochester. A scholarship committee exists to review all applications and to select individuals to receive scholarship grants.

Scholarships applicants are eligible to apply for assistance once per calendar year and there is no limit on the number of calendar/school years an applicant may apply. Scholarships are not automatically renewed each year and students must reapply annually.

The Scholarship Fund is a needs-based fund, but the student must be performing to his/her potential. This is not a large fund and scholarships generally range from $100 per academic year.

Please print, complete, and mail the application by April 30, 2018 to:

Sylvia U. Ciaramaglia
Genesee Valley Trust Company
600 East Avenue, Suite #100
Rochester, NY 14607

Application for Elementary, Jr. High and High School

Application for College